"And you, fair nymphs of Tagus, parent stream,
If e’er your meadows were my pastoral theme,
While you have listen’d, and by moonshine seen
My footsteps wander o’er your banks of green,
O come auspicious, and the song inspire
With all the boldness of your hero’s fire:
Deep and majestic let the numbers flow
And, rapt to heaven, with ardent fury glow,
Unlike the verse that speaks the lover’s grief,
When heaving sighs afford their soft relief,
And humble reeds bewail the shepherd’s pain;
But like the warlike trumpet be the strain
To rouse the hero’s ire, and far around,
With equal rage, your warriors’ deeds resound."

in Lusiads of Luis Vaz de Camoens
Invocação às Tágides, Canto I, Strophes 4 and 5


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